last changeSat, 14 Oct 2017 18:47:54 +0000
7 days ago Art Cancrotest get display name and uid from ldap , show in log master
2017-09-30 Art Cancrogrml
2017-09-24 Art CancroLDAP search
2017-09-11 Art CancroCopy email addresses from LDAP
2017-09-10 Art Cancrostarted working on code for extracting email addresses...
2017-08-28 Art CancroMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-08-14 Art CancroApplied patch sent by Chris West to fix Debian bug...
2017-07-30 Art CancroRemoved remnants of dspam module config
2017-07-30 Art CancroRemoved remaining bits of funambol config from server
2017-07-16 Art CancroMoved the remaining help files for the text client...
2017-07-16 Art CancroRemove code which creates or references the 'bitbucket...
2017-07-12 Art CancroNew config option 'c_smtpclient_try_starttls' if nonzer...
2017-07-12 Art CancroCURUSESSL_TRY for outbound SMTP (currently commented...
2017-07-12 Art CancroRun db->compact() to shrink DB files on disk after...
2017-07-12 Art CancroLog a warning message if housekeeping has not run in...
2017-07-10 Art CancroEditing of account email addresses using the new server...
17 months ago Release_902 Version 902 release
2 years ago v9.01 VERSION 9.01 RELEASE
3 years ago v8.24 Version 8.24 Release
3 years ago v8.23-new 8.23 release with correct version...
3 years ago v8.22 8.22 release
4 years ago v8.20 8.20 RELEASE
4 years ago v8.16 Version 8.16 release
5 years ago v8.14 version 8.14 release
5 years ago v8.13 version 8.13 release
5 years ago v8.12 version 8.12 release
5 years ago v8.11 8.11 Release
5 years ago webcit-8.06 WebCit v8.06 bugfix release
5 years ago v8.05 Version 8.05 release
5 years ago v8.03 VERSION 8.03 RELEASE
5 years ago v8.02 Version 8.02 release
6 years ago v8.01 Version 8.01 release
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2 years ago check_messages
2 years ago xmpp_rework