last changeSat, 9 Dec 2017 20:39:54 +0000
2 days ago Art Cancroremove installation system references to obsolete openl... master
2 days ago rootremoved some old cruft
5 days ago rootsilenced a silly little compiler warning
5 days ago Art Cancrominor cosmetic cleanups
7 days ago Art CancroRemove comment about site configurable setting in a...
9 days ago Art CancroNew site setting c_ldap_sync_email_addrs to toggle...
12 days ago Art CancroSynchronization of LDAP users to Citadel is now complet...
12 days ago Art Cancrofixed a memory leak
2017-11-19 Art CancroA little more work on the LDAP Sync
2017-11-19 Art Cancroctdlsh: don't crash on the mailq command if the queue...
2017-11-13 Art CancroAll functions which connect and bind to LDAP using...
2017-11-13 Art Cancrofix indentation
2017-11-06 Art Cancrogetuserbyuid() now uses the extauth index, so we can...
2017-11-06 Art CancroInternal version number to 913 to activate UID indexing...
2017-11-06 Art CancroIndex by UID
2017-11-05 Art Cancromore moving towards ldap sync ... lots of refactoring
19 months ago Release_902 Version 902 release
2 years ago v9.01 VERSION 9.01 RELEASE
3 years ago v8.24 Version 8.24 Release
3 years ago v8.23-new 8.23 release with correct version...
4 years ago v8.22 8.22 release
4 years ago v8.20 8.20 RELEASE
4 years ago v8.16 Version 8.16 release
5 years ago v8.14 version 8.14 release
5 years ago v8.13 version 8.13 release
5 years ago v8.12 version 8.12 release
5 years ago v8.11 8.11 Release
5 years ago webcit-8.06 WebCit v8.06 bugfix release
5 years ago v8.05 Version 8.05 release
6 years ago v8.03 VERSION 8.03 RELEASE
6 years ago v8.02 Version 8.02 release
6 years ago v8.01 Version 8.01 release
2 days ago master
2 years ago check_messages
2 years ago xmpp_rework