last changeTue, 19 Feb 2019 20:55:21 +0000 (15:55 -0500)
4 hours ago Art CancroThe battle against bit rot continues! master
7 days ago Art CancroReject url_keys of invalid size instead of crashing
10 days ago Art CancroRemoved the MRTG module. No one is using this anymore.
11 days ago Art Cancrocleaned a few things up in messages.c ... geez this...
2019-01-20 Art CancroRemoved the obsolete MSG3 command.
2019-01-08 Art CancroTrim SMTP responses down to one line when putting them...
2019-01-08 Art CancroCleaned up some messy rendering in the bbs view.
2019-01-07 Art CancroLinks for older and newer blocks of messages in the...
2019-01-07 Art CancroWhat was I thinking? The style experiment in views...
2019-01-03 Art CancroOne more field in the xml-vcard
2019-01-02 Art Cancroremoved old script
2019-01-02 Art CancroChanged the year in the copyright banner(s) to 2019.
2018-12-26 Art CancroRemoved the obsolete netproc hooks from the vcard module
2018-12-20 Art Cancrocosmetic cleanup of files in xmpp directory
2018-12-20 Art CancroRemoved the 'master user' feature ... if we still need...
2018-12-20 Art CancroAuto-generated email address is now derived from the...
2 years ago Release_902 Version 902 release
3 years ago v9.01 VERSION 9.01 RELEASE
5 years ago v8.24 Version 8.24 Release
5 years ago v8.23-new 8.23 release with correct version...
5 years ago v8.22 8.22 release
5 years ago v8.20 8.20 RELEASE
5 years ago v8.16 Version 8.16 release
6 years ago v8.14 version 8.14 release
6 years ago v8.13 version 8.13 release
6 years ago v8.12 version 8.12 release
6 years ago v8.11 8.11 Release
6 years ago webcit-8.06 WebCit v8.06 bugfix release
6 years ago v8.05 Version 8.05 release
7 years ago v8.03 VERSION 8.03 RELEASE
7 years ago v8.02 Version 8.02 release
7 years ago v8.01 Version 8.01 release
4 hours ago master
3 years ago check_messages
4 years ago xmpp_rework