descriptionCitadel Server, WebCit, utilities
last changeFri, 26 Feb 2021 05:20:06 +0000 (00:20 -0500)
31 hours ago Art CancroFinished the installer master
2 days ago Art Cancrofix build name
3 days ago Art CancroMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
3 days ago Art Cancro931
3 days ago Art Cancrobuild changes
5 days ago Art Cancroappimage updates
5 days ago Art CancroMention in the AppImage docs that we are building the...
5 days ago Art CancroFixed an omitted 'break' statement in RFC822 output...
6 days ago Art CancroRenamed SUBS command to LSUB and changed its parameters...
10 days ago Art CancroGenerate subscription/unsubscription confirmation emails
11 days ago Art Cancrostuff
11 days ago Art Cancromore work on listsub
11 days ago Art Cancrogetmx() now uses our array class
12 days ago Art CancroDelivery of messages to mailing list recipients is...
12 days ago Art CancroFor messages delivered to a mailing list, add the room...
2021-02-11 Art Cancro/* We used to wait for all threads to exit. Fuck that...
4 years ago Release_902 Version 902 release
5 years ago v9.01 VERSION 9.01 RELEASE
7 years ago v8.24 Version 8.24 Release
7 years ago v8.23-new 8.23 release with correct version...
7 years ago v8.22 8.22 release
7 years ago v8.20 8.20 RELEASE
7 years ago v8.16 Version 8.16 release
8 years ago v8.14 version 8.14 release
8 years ago v8.13 version 8.13 release
8 years ago v8.12 version 8.12 release
8 years ago v8.11 8.11 Release
8 years ago webcit-8.06 WebCit v8.06 bugfix release
8 years ago v8.05 Version 8.05 release
9 years ago v8.03 VERSION 8.03 RELEASE
9 years ago v8.02 Version 8.02 release
9 years ago v8.01 Version 8.01 release
31 hours ago master
5 years ago check_messages
6 years ago xmpp_rework