working on ctdlmigrate in the appimage
[citadel] / appimage /
2021-04-21 Art Cancroworking on ctdlmigrate in the appimage
2021-04-16 Art Cancromore cpu detect
2021-04-16 Art Cancrotry to sense the architecture better
2021-04-16 Art CancroRemoved test_binary_compatibility() from ctdlvisor...
2021-04-06 Art CancroAdded more exit points to so we know...
2021-04-01 Art CancroAdded 'database_cleanup' to the AppImage
2021-04-01 Art CancroRemoved the comments about RMS being an asshole communi...
2021-03-30 Art Cancroadd some db_ utils to the appimage dir
2021-03-30 Art CancroVarious changes to appimage. Removed some old docs.
2021-02-26 Art CancroFinished the installer
2021-02-24 Art Cancrofix build name
2021-02-23 Art CancroMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2021-02-23 Art Cancrobuild changes
2021-02-22 Art Cancroappimage updates
2021-02-21 Art CancroMention in the AppImage docs that we are building the...
2021-01-27 Art CancroOfficially declare war on LHFS
2021-01-26 Art Cancroulimit -c unlimited
2021-01-26 Art Cancromore diagnostics
2021-01-26 Art Cancrolook at me , i am a build monkey , see what I can type
2021-01-26 Art CancroMoved most of the command line logic to the shell script
2021-01-25 Art Cancrocompatibility tests
2021-01-25 Art Cancromore appimage stuff related to installation
2021-01-25 Art Cancroworking on the options
2021-01-24 Art Cancroctdlvisor is now more sensible about how it stops its...
2021-01-24 Art Cancrotroubleshooting the appimage
2021-01-23 Art CancroMore work on the appimage
2021-01-23 Art CancroBuild citadel server and webcit in temp directories...
2021-01-19 Art CancroMore fine tuning of the AppImage
2021-01-11 Art Cancrotrying to figure out why webcit doesn't chdir properly...
2021-01-11 Art Cancroadd readme
2021-01-07 Art CancroMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2021-01-07 Art CancroRemove install directories after build
2021-01-07 Art Cancroappimage supervisor is functionally complete
2021-01-07 Art CancroMoved the appimage project into the main tree