* Add -lcitadel to chkpwd_LIBS
[citadel] / citadel / configure.ac
2009-05-31 Art Cancro* Add -lcitadel to chkpwd_LIBS
2009-04-06 Art Cancro* Development version is now 7.60
2009-04-02 Art Cancro* Set version number to 7.50 across the entire system...
2009-03-30 Art Cancro* THIS IS 7.44 (BETA RELEASE ONLY)
2009-03-17 Art Cancro* THIS IS 7.43 (BETA VERSION)
2009-02-27 Wilfried Göesgens* THIS IS 7.42 BETA
2009-02-25 Wilfried Göesgens+ correct FS-flags on citadel.co* on startup
2009-02-20 Art Cancro* Set all version numbers to 7.41 for upcoming beta.
2009-01-27 Wilfried Göesgens* detect zlib, don't link it. libcitadel does this...
2008-12-13 Wilfried Göesgens* remove libz code, libcitadel does this the right...
2008-10-05 Wilfried Göesgens* configure zlib too, since libcitadel will link it...
2008-10-03 Art Cancroconfigure.ac in citadel and webcit now looks
2008-09-12 Art CancroVersion 7.38 of citadel and libcitadel
2008-09-11 Wilfried Göesgens* move messages/ to /etc/ since the admin should edit...
2008-08-30 Art CancroWe now look for libical/ical.h instead of ical.h, because
2008-07-07 Art CancroRenamed database_sleepycat.c to database.c
2008-06-16 Dave WestTidy up useage message for configure script.
2008-06-02 Art CancroExport format has changed due to the addition of a new
2008-05-30 Art CancroUpdated version numbers.
2008-05-24 Wilfried Göesgens* use iconv in citserver too
2008-05-21 Art Cancro* More work on OpenID 1.1 Relying Party support
2008-05-19 Art CancroRSS client now uses libcurl instead of the crappy built-in
2008-04-24 Art CancroFix '@AUTOCONF@ command not found' build problem
2008-04-22 Wilfried Göesgens* THIS IS 7.35
2008-04-11 Art CancroVersion number to 7.35 in preparation for an upcoming...
2008-03-18 Art Cancrolibical, expat, and libsieve are now *required*.
2008-03-03 Wilfried Göesgens* THIS IS 7.33 / 1.08
2008-02-17 Art CancroRemoved a temporary hack to vlprintf() that displayed the
2008-02-11 Wilfried GöesgensTHIS IS 7.31
2008-02-09 Wilfried Göesgens* f'bse seems to carry its resolver calls in its libc...
2008-02-04 Wilfried Göesgens* build the modules stuff while configuring. it's funct...
2008-01-31 Art Cancro--- VERSION 7.30 ---
2008-01-29 Art CancroThird try. :(
2008-01-29 Art CancroMoved the libcitadel version check below the point
2008-01-28 Art Cancro* Unfinished code is now disabled.
2008-01-25 Art CancroShuffled around the order of resolver library tests.
2008-01-24 Art CancroAdded a second test for libresolv that takes into
2008-01-13 Wilfried Göesgens* openbsd has no -lresolv, its in their libc.
2008-01-10 Wilfried Göesgens* openbsd doesn't like pam. so... if we don't have...
2008-01-08 Art Cancroconfigure now *requires* libresolv to be present.
2007-12-25 Wilfried Göesgens* initial dspam integration module
2007-11-27 Dave WestAdded --with-threadlog. Use this if you want the thread...
2007-11-16 Art CancroHUGE PATCH. This moves all of mime_parser.c and all
2007-11-15 Art CancroUpdated version number to 7.24
2007-11-02 Art Cancro* Updated internal version number of citadel and webcit...
2007-11-01 Art CancroThe list of existing MTA's to disable has been reduced
2007-10-10 Art CancroVersion number to 7.22
2007-09-14 Art CancroCitadel 7.20 meta-release to be deployed to Easy Install
2007-09-11 Wilfried Göesgens* 64 bit cleanness: format size_t properly in printf()
2007-09-08 Wilfried Göesgens* the blastwave emacs doesn't like me.
2007-09-08 Wilfried Göesgens* use AC_CHECK_FUNCS to check for flock()
2007-08-30 Wilfried Göesgens* modify the ld + cflags for gprof and backtrace if...
2007-08-29 Wilfried Göesgens* make backtrace optional.
2007-08-14 Wilfried Göesgens* next try to get a working new tokenizer. this seems...
2007-07-22 Wilfried Göesgensdavew: search for newer versions of berkeley db
2007-07-08 Michael HamptonInclude sys/stat.h when available (FreeBSD)
2007-07-06 Art Cancro* Move to GPL v3
2007-06-19 Art Cancrochkpwd is now a daemon that is started by citserver
2007-06-18 Art CancroRemoved the --disable-chkpwd option, because it generates
2007-05-29 Wilfried Göesgens* merged acconfig.h into configure.
2007-05-29 Wilfried Göesgens* move arround some files in the configured build accor...
2007-05-08 Art CancroSet the 'Id:' property on all files which use it
2007-04-19 Art CancroCompleted DVCA (Dump VCard Addresses) function. This...
2007-04-19 Art CancroVersion 7.09
2007-04-12 Art CancroVersion number is now 7.08
2007-03-28 Art Cancro* New room flag QR2_COLLABDEL ('collaborative
2007-03-07 Art CancroTHIS IS CITADEL 7.06
2007-03-05 Wilfried Göesgens* create format strings different for solaris
2007-02-27 Wilfried Göesgens* some fixups in the solaris detection.
2007-02-25 Wilfried Göesgens* solaris compatibility patches.
2007-02-22 Art Cancro* THIS IS 7.05
2007-01-19 Michael HamptonFix problem where HTML listsub subscribe/unsubscribe...
2007-01-16 Wilfried Göesgens* make the crypto functions use precalculated files...
2007-01-15 Art CancroChecked in matt's patches for TCP performance on Mac OS:
2007-01-03 Art Cancro* Removed some of the extra sleep() calls in setup
2006-12-28 Wilfried Göesgens* bumped verison to 7.02
2006-12-20 Art Cancro* Updated setup dialog for host auth mode.
2006-12-19 Art Cancro* Bumped version number to 7.01
2006-12-11 Art CancroInternal version number is now 7.00
2006-12-04 Art Cancro* libSieve download and build for Easy Install. (Not...
2006-09-11 Art CancroMore libsieve detect fixes
2006-09-11 Art Cancrooops ... it's -lsieve, not -llibsieve
2006-09-08 Art CancroInitial test for libsieve
2006-03-20 Wilfried Göesgens* removed last occurance of static paths in favour...
2006-03-09 Art CancroHappy build notes output at the end of configure
2006-03-01 Wilfried Göesgensbuild database cleanup from configure to have it behavi...
2005-10-12 Art Cancro* Default for autologin is now DISABLED! If you are...
2005-08-02 Art Cancro* Applied W. Goegens' dirconfig patch for more install...
2005-07-26 Art Cancro* Applied a patch sent in by Wilfried Goesgens which...
2005-04-14 Art Cancro* Variable names, comments, documentation, etc... ...
2005-01-14 Art Cancro* Applied a configure script fix sent in by David Given...
2004-11-10 Nathan Bryant * configure.ac: detect /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.3
2004-10-04 Michael Hampton* configure.ac: Add CFLAGS for icc Intel Compiler
2004-08-11 Art Cancro* Replaced all "Citadel/UX" references with "Citadel"
2004-05-26 Nathan Bryant* configure.ac: check for /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.2
2004-05-11 Nathan Bryant* configure.ac: check for <sys/prctl.h>
2004-03-21 Michael Hampton* configure.ac: Fix for defines for pthreads not being...
2004-02-23 Nathan Bryantfix --help text and bump version to 6.15
2004-02-23 Nathan Bryant--disable-pie by default.