build database cleanup from configure to have it behaving a bit closer to the install...
[citadel] / citadel / debian / control
2006-03-01 Wilfried Göesgensbuild database cleanup from configure to have it behavi...
2006-02-15 Wilfried Göesgensdependency to gettext added.
2006-01-18 Wilfried Göesgensmissing dirchanges and dependencies to pam.
2006-01-15 Wilfried Göesgensadded provides/conflicts to pop3-server and imap-server.
2005-12-18 Wilfried Göesgens* added build dependency to bison
2005-12-12 Wilfried Göesgens* changed sleepycat version
2005-11-21 Wilfried Göesgens* add some script to wrap the debian package build...
2005-08-02 Art Cancro* Added in Wilfried Goesgens' debian/ build directory.