NULL-Protect the Context-ID
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2010-09-02 Art Cancroremove .svnignore files
2008-06-12 Art CancroAdded a README.txt in ctdlphp/ indicating that
2008-06-12 Wilfried Göesgens* incrase number of arguments.
2008-01-27 Wilfried Göesgens* user creation commandline tool
2008-01-27 Wilfried Göesgens* support dele command
2007-10-16 Wilfried Göesgens* stat the socket before we try to open it, looks bette...
2007-10-16 Wilfried Göesgens* implemented messagemode 2
2007-08-02 Art CancroCleaned up the config interface.
2007-07-23 Wilfried Göesgens* socket syntax is different in php5. make it configurable.
2007-06-14 Wilfried Göesgens* removed wrong include.
2007-06-14 Wilfried Göesgens* we should work without debugging too...
2007-06-14 Wilfried Göesgens* put in a sample vcard.
2007-06-14 Wilfried Göesgens* wait a second so the session proxy has time to start...
2007-06-13 Wilfried Göesgens* put the vcard we just read back in.
2007-06-12 Wilfried Göesgens* parse function reply properly
2007-06-10 Wilfried Göesgens* new debug switch for communication in the session...
2007-05-28 Wilfried Göesgens* experiments on user creation... not yet ready, but...
2007-05-16 Art CancroImplementation of BINARY_FOLLOWS mode in sessionproxy...
2007-02-17 Wilfried Göesgens* added implementations to the general purpose commands.
2007-02-04 Wilfried Göesgens* added debug protocol flag
2007-02-04 Wilfried Göesgens* use isset() to be correct and don't produce warnings
2004-02-24 Art Cancro* Removed stray \n
2004-02-21 Art Cancro* Set up a style sheet (sitestyle.css) for the whole...
2003-11-26 Art Cancro* Run all posts through stripslashes()
2003-11-25 Art Cancro* Completed "post" and "post html" stuffs
2003-11-25 Art Cancro*** empty log message ***
2003-11-23 Art Cancro* improved but still wrong
2003-11-23 Art Cancro* Implemented SEND_LISTING mode in the session proxy
2003-11-22 Art Cancro* fleshed out the message headers a bit
2003-11-21 Art Cancro* Replaced the two-second sleep (and associated race...
2003-11-18 Art Cancro* Added ctdlelements.php ... this is to be used for...
2003-11-14 Art Cancro* Identify our message format preference (HTML followed...
2003-11-14 Art Cancro* Added a basic read loop ... currently only fetches...
2003-11-10 Art Cancro* Cleanup
2003-11-09 Art Cancro* cleanup
2003-11-09 Art Cancro* Moved all of the session-management code from ctdlhea...
2003-11-07 Art Cancro* ctdlprotocol.php: known room list fetch now sets...
2003-11-05 Art Cancro* Added a room list function to the library
2003-11-04 Art Cancro* Added an initial version of the goto command
2003-11-04 Art Cancro* added api.html
2003-11-03 Art Cancro* Minor code cleanups
2003-11-02 Art Cancro* Identify ourselves to Citadel using IDEN
2003-11-02 Art Cancro* who.php: added
2003-11-02 Art Cancro* Cleaned up the pages in preparation for handing it...
2003-11-02 Art Cancro* welcome.php: added.
2003-11-02 Art Cancro* Firmed up the login/logout process
2003-11-02 Art Cancro* Added a proper CVS ID and Copyright disclaimer to...
2003-11-01 Art Cancro* Allow the session proxy to time out after 15 minutes.
2003-11-01 Art Cancro* do_login.php: added.
2003-11-01 Art Cancro* Got login/logout working. Still need to redirect...
2003-11-01 Art Cancro* When sending the QUIT command to the server, output...
2003-10-31 Art Cancro*** empty log message ***
2003-10-31 Art Cancro*** empty log message ***
2003-10-31 Art Cancro* Stabilized the session proxy
2003-10-31 Art Cancro* index.php now redirects to login.php
2003-10-31 Art Cancro*** empty log message ***
2003-10-31 Art Cancro* move index to a symlink
2003-10-31 Art Cancro* login changes
2003-10-31 Art Cancro* Cleanup of session creation
2003-10-31 Art Cancro* Initial CVS import
2003-10-31 Art CancroInitial revision