changed the default path to citadel in ctdlsh
[citadel] / ctdlsh / src / ctdlsh.h
2012-04-27 Art Cancrochanged the default path to citadel in ctdlsh
2012-02-23 Art CancroReinstated the defunct 'whobbs' utility as a function...
2012-02-23 Art CancroMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-02-23 Art CancroCleanup and added funny joke haha
2012-02-23 Art CancroReworked ctdlsh to use the new admin socket instead...
2011-12-15 Art CancroAdded a shutdown command to ctdlsh
2011-10-18 Art Cancroctdlsh now has two working commands, 'date' and 'passwd'
2011-10-18 Art Cancromore fiddling around with ctdlsh
2009-06-18 Art Cancro* Fleshed out the ctdlsh interface a bit. Right now...