Internal version number to 8.01 for imminent release
[citadel] / libcitadel /
2011-10-18 Art CancroInternal version number to 8.01 for imminent release
2011-10-08 Wilfried GoesgensAdd support for sending / reading to files; so far...
2011-08-28 Art CancroSet all version numbers to 8.00 -- FEATURE FREEZE FOR...
2010-09-10 Art CancroAll components in git master to version 7.89 in order...
2010-07-28 Art Cancro* All components of both stable and trunk noted as...
2010-07-20 Art Cancro* internal version number 781 in trunk, so we can do...
2010-03-19 Art Cancro* libcitadel internal version number is now 7.80
2009-12-21 Wilfried Göesgens* apply the release stuff to head too from r8127
2009-09-11 Art Cancro* Set the version numbers of everything to 7.66.
2009-09-05 Wilfried Göesgens* start a unit-test-suite with
2009-09-01 Art Cancro* Version numbers of everything 7.63
2009-08-06 Art Cancro* Version number to 7.61 on all components
2009-04-06 Art Cancro* Development version is now 7.60
2009-04-02 Art Cancro* Set version number to 7.50 across the entire system...
2009-03-30 Art Cancro* THIS IS 7.44 (BETA RELEASE ONLY)
2009-03-17 Art Cancro* THIS IS 7.43 (BETA VERSION)
2009-02-24 Wilfried Göesgens* remove temporary debian file
2009-02-20 Art Cancro* Set all version numbers to 7.41 for upcoming beta.
2009-01-25 Wilfried Göesgens+ add C-to-Json serializer
2008-12-13 Wilfried Göesgens* link libz if we detect it.
2008-10-05 Wilfried Göesgens* add autoheader for zlib and iconv detection
2008-09-12 Art CancroVersion 7.38 of citadel and libcitadel
2008-07-27 Wilfried Göesgens* add gzip + configure detection -> re-bootstrap!
2008-06-19 Art Cancrolibcitadel 7.37
2008-05-30 Art CancroOops ... libcitadel should be version 1.14, not 1.11
2008-04-30 Wilfried Göesgens* added more usefull print hash function, so one can...
2008-04-26 Wilfried Göesgens* bugfix in the hash implementation; expanding the...
2008-04-22 Wilfried Göesgens* THIS IS 7.35 / 1.09
2008-03-03 Wilfried Göesgens* THIS IS 7.33 / 1.08
2008-02-23 Wilfried Göesgens* fixed several crash / invalid data cases in the hash...
2008-02-11 Wilfried GöesgensTHIS IS 1.05
2008-02-11 Wilfried Göesgens* THIS IS 1.04
2008-02-11 Wilfried Göesgens* anounce mmap to xdgmime.
2008-02-09 Wilfried Göesgens* add xdgmime from
2008-02-08 Wilfried Göesgens(no commit message)
2008-01-31 Art Cancro--- VERSION 7.30 ---
2008-01-13 Wilfried Göesgens* sanitize urlesc, so we don't buffer overrun.
2007-11-18 Wilfried Göesgens* create .pc file, seems to be a good thing to do.
2007-11-09 Art CancroNew build system for libcitadel, with autoconf and...
2007-11-09 Art CancroTesting some gnu type build stuff