BASE64: - By Edward Flick - 0-terminate the transcoded buffer
[citadel] / libcitadel / lib / tools.c
2014-01-02 Wilfried GoesgensBASE64: - By Edward Flick - 0-terminate the transcoded...
2014-01-02 Wilfried GoesgensBASE64 de/encoding - by Edward Flick - replace John...
2013-11-28 Wilfried GoesgensMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-11-19 Art CancroMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-11-19 Art Cancrofmt_date() use ISO 8601 date format
2013-09-12 Wilfried GoesgensMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-08-31 Wilfried Goesgensmake it const, baby!
2012-10-21 Wilfried Goesgenstools: replace st00pid uses of strcpy
2012-08-05 Wilfried GoesgensMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-07-31 Art CancroWhen using the Linux kernel UUID generator, null terminate
2012-05-26 Wilfried Goesgensremove unneded assignmnet.
2012-01-16 Art CancroUse the kernelspace uuid generator if available
2011-09-05 Wilfried Goesgenssome more tiny bits that slipped through
2011-09-04 Art CancroReinstated the use of EUID/UUID in blog posts; however...
2011-09-04 Art CancroRevert "Generate UUID in blog posts to be used in perma...
2011-09-04 Wilfried Goesgensgenerate_uuid() now generates more or less DCE-complian...
2011-09-04 Art CancroAdded GPL declaration to source files in libcitadel
2011-09-04 Art Cancrogenerate_uuid() now generates more or less DCE-complian...
2011-07-03 Wilfried Goesgensmerge in euid generation from master
2010-12-07 Art CancroRewrote stripallbut() again, tested extensively
2010-11-27 Wilfried Goesgens* rewrite stripallbut() to return the length
2010-08-18 Art Cancro* Fix doxygen note for haschar(). The return value...
2010-07-19 Wilfried Göesgens* duplicate memreadline & bmstrcasestr to a const and...
2010-06-01 Wilfried Göesgens* add StrBufSanitizeEmailRecipientVector(); it will...
2010-04-29 Wilfried Göesgens* Make memreadlinelen() const
2010-02-27 Wilfried Göesgens* ups, forgot to commit this; make memreadline const
2010-02-22 Wilfried Göesgens* make it const baby!
2009-06-14 Wilfried Göesgens* fix typo in tools
2009-06-12 Wilfried Göesgens* don't touch the buffer if its empty.
2009-06-07 Wilfried Göesgens* move utf8 handling stuff into strbuf, so we can be...
2009-05-26 Wilfried Göesgens* add slash-stripper
2009-05-22 Wilfried Göesgens* don't use memcpy on overlapping operations
2009-04-21 Art Cancro* Fixed striplt() to only remove leading and trailing...
2009-04-18 Wilfried Göesgens* big profiling stuff:
2009-02-14 Wilfried Göesgens* return whether we removed a pattern or not.
2008-12-20 Wilfried Göesgens* const this one too...
2008-12-20 Wilfried Göesgens* const mset pointer, as we don't need to write on it.
2008-09-20 Art CancroFixed a bug in CtdlSetSeen() where if the target room
2008-05-21 Art Cancro* Commented out the 'PrintFlat' and 'PrintFile' functions
2008-05-12 Art CancroMoved parse_url() into libcitadel; I will need it for
2008-04-20 Wilfried Göesgens* init vars before using them.
2008-04-17 Wilfried Göesgens(no commit message)
2008-04-11 Art CancroVersion number to 7.35 in preparation for an upcoming...
2008-03-26 Wilfried Göesgens* add functions to evaluate utf8 strings as described...
2008-03-19 Art Cancrobmstrcasestr() now returns NULL if either of its supplied
2008-03-15 Art CancroNew utility function convert_spaces_to_underscores()
2008-02-27 Wilfried Göesgens* safestrncpy counts the copied string anyway, and...
2008-02-05 Art CancroNo spaces in temp file names
2008-01-17 Art CancroThe encoding and decoding tables for Base64 are
2008-01-17 Art Cancrodtable/etable initialization code in libcitadel was
2008-01-16 Wilfried Göesgens* if the token extractor fails to do its work, rather...
2008-01-13 Wilfried Göesgens* sanitize urlesc, so we don't buffer overrun.
2007-11-19 Art CancroRemoved the 'ascmonths' global declaration from libCitadel.
2007-11-16 Art CancroCommented out some lprintf() calls that appear in libci...
2007-11-16 Art CancroHUGE PATCH. This moves all of mime_parser.c and all