Did a little more style updating. Realized that I started this thing in 2018 and...
[citadel] / webcit-ng / webcit.h
2021-09-27 Art CancroDid a little more style updating. Realized that I...
2018-09-17 Art Cancro/ctdl/u/username/userpic is now complete
2018-09-12 Art CancroNew file user_functions.c contains skeleton code for...
2018-09-12 Art Cancrocleaned up some compiler warnings
2018-02-18 Art Cancrohtml render replaced by json render in the C server...
2018-02-17 Art Cancroskeleton code for json render
2018-02-12 Art Cancroinitial work on inline rendering setup
2018-02-08 Art Cancrotrack c_lastseen so we can use it in read operations
2018-01-30 Art Cancroinitial work on flat view
2018-01-05 Art CancroMAKE WEBCIT GREAT AGAIN!
2018-01-02 Art Cancrowebcit-ng openssl 1.1 compatibility
2017-03-12 Art Cancrowebcit-ng