Remove APPDIR support in
[citadel] / webcit-ng /
2021-04-01 Art CancroRemoved the comments about RMS being an asshole communi...
2021-02-27 Art CancroThere can be only two.
2020-12-31 Art CancroRemoved a test in html2html() that would cause it to...
2020-12-31 Art CancroMore distancing of our project from Richard Marx Stallm...
2020-12-27 Art CancroMoved the defunct server-side renderer into another...
2020-12-26 Art Cancrothe dreaded style cleanup
2020-12-26 Art CancroNo more XHR in views.js
2020-12-26 Art CancroReplaced all XHR in main.js with fetch/await
2020-12-26 Art CancroRichard Stallman is a communist and an asshole.
2020-12-26 Art CancroRewrote ctdl_startup() using fetch/await
2020-12-26 Art CancroRewrote ctdl_startup() using fetch/await
2020-01-01 Art CancroShamlessly slapped a 2020 copyright date on all startup...
2019-04-28 Art Cancroungoto/skip/goto ui taking shape...
2019-04-28 Art CancroIndents are 8 positions, NEVER 4, and are comprised...
2019-04-28 Art CancroRooms with new messages boldface in room list
2019-04-26 Art Cancromild change to navbar
2019-04-26 Art Cancromarch_list functionality is complete!
2019-04-26 Art Cancroa little closer to the march list
2019-04-26 Art Cancromarch mode list is loaded and works, now just need...
2019-04-26 Art CancroStarted working on march mode!
2019-01-08 Art CancroCleaned up some messy rendering in the bbs view.
2019-01-07 Art CancroLinks for older and newer blocks of messages in the...
2019-01-07 Art CancroWhat was I thinking? The style experiment in views...
2019-01-02 Art CancroChanged the year in the copyright banner(s) to 2019.
2018-09-19 Art CancroFound the correct JavaScript incantation to display...
2018-09-17 Art Cancrobegin work on displaying avatars next to messages
2018-09-17 Art Cancro/ctdl/u/username/userpic is now complete
2018-09-14 Art Cancroobject_in_user() is a master function which calls slave...
2018-09-12 Art CancroNew file user_functions.c contains skeleton code for...
2018-09-12 Art Cancrocleaned up some compiler warnings
2018-07-27 Art Cancroindent -kr -i8 -l132 on everything in webcit-ng
2018-03-02 Art Cancrossl.c - change style
2018-03-02 Art Cancrossl.c - change style
2018-02-24 Art Cancrocss tuning
2018-02-23 Art Cancroasync
2018-02-22 Art Cancroscroll to
2018-02-18 Art CancroStyle, baby!
2018-02-18 Art CancroBegan moving style to a proper style sheet.
2018-02-18 Art CancroJSON render complete!
2018-02-18 Art Cancrohtml render replaced by json render in the C server...
2018-02-17 Art Cancroskeleton code for json render
2018-02-15 Art Cancrook, that's all for today. this was fun.
2018-02-15 Art CancroGot it! Temporarily working with the server-side C...
2018-02-14 Art Cancrowowzers! we can survive a server problem now. put...
2018-02-14 Art Cancroinner div not needed anymore
2018-02-14 Art Cancrodo we need the inner div?
2018-02-14 Art Cancromoved the renderer down to its own (currently empty...
2018-02-14 Art Cancrojavascript
2018-02-14 Art CancroI think we finally have the older/newer messages button...
2018-02-14 Art Cancroolder and newer
2018-02-13 Art Cancrofoo
2018-02-13 Art Cancroreshufflize the parameters to room renderers
2018-02-12 Art Cancroinitial work on inline rendering setup
2018-02-08 Art Cancrodisabled server-side message sequencing code
2018-02-08 Art Cancrotrack c_lastseen so we can use it in read operations
2018-02-04 Art CancroStarting to pull some rendering out of the C code and...
2018-01-30 Art Cancroinitial work on flat view
2018-01-30 Art CancroFix call to daemon() to make it not change the working...
2018-01-30 Art CancroAdded a few spaces
2018-01-28 Art Cancrotabs not spaces
2018-01-28 Art CancroA little more work on the threaded view
2018-01-21 Art Cancroneed an awesome slider
2018-01-14 Art Cancrobegan work on a theme change
2018-01-05 Art CancroMAKE WEBCIT GREAT AGAIN!
2018-01-02 Art Cancrowebcit-ng openssl 1.1 compatibility
2017-10-30 Art CancroDAV: getcontenttype tag belongs inside prop tag (thanks...
2017-03-12 Art Cancrowebcit-ng
2017-03-12 Art Cancromove webcit-ng into a directory of master