Remove APPDIR support in
[citadel] / webcit / mkinstalldirs
2006-05-02 Art Cancrowebcit_before_automake is now the trunk
2006-05-02 Art Cancroautomake build is now a branch
2006-04-21 Art Cancrofixed nls available output message (thought I did this...
2006-04-21 Art CancroAdded the 'Nifty Corners' library and implemented our
2006-04-19 Wilfried Göesgens* fresh copy of the automake environment.
2006-04-19 Art CancroConvert es.po to UTF-8
2006-04-18 Art CancroRemoved the old NLS output from the summary,
2006-04-16 Wilfried Göesgens* added various files generated by, because...
2006-03-12 Wilfried Göesgensprovided by autoreconf -i
2005-08-16 Art Cancro* This is an attempt to gettextize the WebCit build.