26 hours ago Art Cancroserv_smtpclient: queue now uses libcitadel Array type master
29 hours ago Art CancroSome of the included doc files were already close to...
3 days ago Art Cancrostylized ctdl_mail_folders
5 days ago Art CancroForum message editor classes
5 days ago Art CancroINBOX _always_ appears at the top.
5 days ago Art CancroUse delete_dispatcher() as intended
7 days ago Art Cancrodon't double-close the client socket
2023-01-14 Art CancroShow mailboxes in a list, ordered by floor+rorder
2023-01-14 Art CancroInitial hack at mail folder list
2023-01-14 Art CancroLabel the ctdl_mail_folder_list for use
2023-01-07 Art CancroRealign items on the banner bar.
2023-01-06 Art CancroRSS feed reader now QP-Encodes message text.
2023-01-06 Art CancroRename StrBufRFC2047encodeMessage() to StrBufQuotedPrin...
2023-01-06 Art Cancrocitadel.lock added to .gitignore and removed from git
2023-01-05 Art CancroBring back just our changes, revert accidental removal...
2023-01-05 Art CancroRevert "serv_rssclient.c: style update"
2023-01-05 Art Cancroserv_rssclient.c: style update
2023-01-03 Art Cancromore font size tweaks.
2023-01-02 Art CancroTweaks to font sizes
2023-01-02 Art CancroCopyright notices updated to 2023
2022-12-28 Art Cancrobiff_interval is snake case not camel case
2022-12-28 Art CancroFinished the delete-mail code.
2022-12-28 Art CancroRemove color from syslog messages
2022-12-28 Art CancroImplement all calling functionality for Delete
2022-12-27 Art CancroDetect "delete" key press
2022-12-27 Art CancroCollapsed two comments onto one line.
2022-12-27 Art Cancrooptimize previous commit
2022-12-27 Art CancroHandle null pointer correctly
2022-12-26 Art CancroMulti select is now working with mailbox refresh.
2022-12-26 Art CancroMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2022-12-26 Art CancroImplement multiselect in mailbox
2022-12-22 Art Cancroserv_openid_rp.c : style cleanup
2022-12-22 Art Cancroserv_pop3client.c: style cleanup
2022-12-17 Art now obtains confirmation to proceed from...
2022-12-17 Art CancroMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2022-12-17 Art Cancro.gitignore core files
2022-12-16 Art Cancrobuild mods
2022-12-15 Art Cancromodernize serv_spam.c
2022-12-15 Art CancroExit cleanly if citserver is running with a version...
2022-12-13 Art is now being turned into more of a real...
2022-12-13 Art CancroRelease version 972 generated by v972
2022-12-13 Art CancroRelease version 971 generated by v971
2022-12-13 Art CancroRelease version 970 generated by v970
2022-12-13 Art CancroRelease version 969 generated by v969
2022-12-13 Art CancroRelease version 968 generated by v968
2022-12-13 Art CancroRelease version 967 generated by v967
2022-12-13 Art CancroRelease version 966 generated by v966
2022-12-13 Art CancroRelease version 965 generated by v965
2022-12-12 Art CancroRelease version 964 generated by v964
2022-12-12 Art CancroRelease version 963 generated by v963
2022-12-11 Art CancroRelease version 962 generated by v962
2022-12-11 Art CancroRelease version 961 generated by v961
2022-12-11 Art CancroRelease version 960 generated by v960
2022-12-11 Art Cancroimap_store.c style update
2022-12-09 Art CancroWhen BDB issues a 'panic' message, call cdb_abort(...
2022-12-07 Art CancroMarc Crispin is dead so he can't make IMAP any more...
2022-12-05 Art CancroModify mailbox view to prepare for multi select
2022-12-03 Art CancroGoto/Skip/Ungoto disappear when not in forum view
2022-11-23 Art Cancrowebcit-ng uses biff notifications now
2022-11-23 Art CancroMAKE WAY FOR BIFF in webcit-ng
2022-11-23 Art CancroGOTO no longer counts newly arrived mail in the inbox...
2022-11-23 Art CancroReplace striplt() with string_trim() in all the places...
2022-11-23 Art Cancrostuff
2022-11-23 Art Cancrobiff was here
2022-11-23 Art CancroChange CCC to CC in serv_rooms.c
2022-11-22 Art CancroTrimmed silence off both ends of the "Hi From Stu"...
2022-11-19 Art CancroConsistent calling syntax for view renderers
2022-11-19 Art Cancrodon't make me smack you
2022-11-19 Art CancroThis is one way to notify about new mail
2022-11-19 Art Cancrostriplt() is now string_trim()
2022-11-19 Art CancroColored left-borders on blockquotes for the win
2022-11-19 Art CancroInclude email address in mail display for local users...
2022-11-19 Art CancroRemoved TWO WHOLE EMPTY LINES!
2022-11-11 Art CancroRelease version 959 generated by v959
2022-11-11 Art Cancroarray_delete_element_at() now uses memmove() instead...
2022-11-09 Art Cancrovariables in proper scope
2022-11-09 Art CancroVariables in proper scope
2022-11-09 Art CancroSending now works because HTML entities are unescaped...
2022-11-09 Art Cancrowar on old style
2022-11-06 Art CancroMake the CC: line appear if there is already something...
2022-11-06 Art CancroMore logic for To: and Cc: in reply-all
2022-11-05 Art CancroRename msgnum to quoted_msgnum to make its purpose...
2022-11-03 Art CancroDisplay To: and Cc: properly
2022-11-03 Art Cancro"rcpt" and "cccc" fields are now delivered as json...
2022-11-02 Art CancroRemoved support for ...bang!paths and user%node1@node2...
2022-10-29 Art CancroAccept environment CFLAGS and LDFLAGS
2022-10-26 Art Cancro"Reply" works. "Reply-All" needs more work.
2022-10-26 Art CancroPass the subject to the reply
2022-10-26 Art Cancroto, cc, subject in mail_compose()
2022-10-26 Art CancroThe icon for "Send message" is now a paper airplane...
2022-10-21 Art Cancroreply quote works now
2022-10-20 Art Cancroget ready for quoted messages
2022-10-20 Art CancroSending mail now works.
2022-10-19 Art CancroSending mail to the server (needs some more work)
2022-10-19 Art Cancrocancel button works :)
2022-10-18 Art Cancrotest commit
2022-10-17 Art CancroIndent blockquotes by 1em
2022-10-17 Art CancroCC/BCC button in To: line makes the CC: and BCC: lines...
2022-10-16 Art CancroMore style work on the mail composition window