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last changeMon, 26 Sep 2022 21:19:18 +0000 (17:19 -0400)
24 hours ago Art CancroGot all of the elements in the top banner bar to line... master
3 days ago Art CancroSomething about the way we were rendering items in...
4 days ago Art CancroGave the grid-template-areas more meaningful and unique...
4 days ago Art Cancromoved the username and login button back to separate...
4 days ago Art CancroChanged the sidebar button style AGAIN. It looks more...
4 days ago Art CancroResized the banner bar using vh instead of pixels....
4 days ago Art CancroFixed the rendering on the 'older posts' and 'newer...
4 days ago Art CancroTightened up the padding around the room list and rende...
5 days ago Art Cancrostyle roomlist
5 days ago Art CancroMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
5 days ago Art CancroTried to add a few style thingies back into the renderer
5 days ago Art CancroAdded a new parameter to html_to_ascii() to let it...
5 days ago Art CancroWhen rendering messages in the old text client format...
7 days ago Art CancroReworked the room list to output semantically. We...
10 days ago Art CancroRelease version 958 generated by v958
10 days ago Art CancroIn the text client, changed some misleading error messages
10 days ago v958 Version 958 release
3 months ago v957 Version 957 release
3 months ago v956 Version 956 release
3 months ago v955 Version 955 release
3 months ago v954 Version 954 release
3 months ago v953 Version 953 release
3 months ago v952 Version 952 release
4 months ago v951 Version 951 release
5 months ago v950 Version 950 release
8 months ago v949 Version 949 release
8 months ago v948 Version 948 release
8 months ago v947 Version 947 release
8 months ago v946 Version 946 release
8 months ago v945 Version 945 release
8 months ago v944 Version 944 release
8 months ago v943 Version 943 release
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